Weekend Seminars

Functional Endocrinology-Connecting New Research With Practical Applications

Functional Endocrinology: Connecting New Research With Practical Applications™

Weekend Seminar

This long-awaited, comprehensive 2-day seminar is designed to provide a review of the physiology and the key concepts in functional endocrinology. This seminar includes dozens of important clinical pearls derived from Dr. Kharrazian’s own practice and research. In addition, the speaker will address the effects of acute and chronic stress/environmental factors on physiology, and the healing process.


Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry™

Weekend Seminar

This 2-day course is designed to review the primary concepts of human physiology, laboratory biomarkers, and blood chemistry patterns. This course is designed to equip the attendee with the necessary foundation and focus to start in Science-Guided Wellness™.



Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry™

Weekend Seminar

This landmark 3-day course is designed to teach a comprehensive, yet simple, system of evaluating functional blood chemistry. This course has evolved from our 2-day course and has new material and numerous updates.


Mastering Brain Chemistry™

Weekend Seminar

This landmark 3-day seminar is designed to review the key concepts of brain chemistry, recognize patterns of imbalances, recognize cases.


Mastering the Thyroid™

Weekend Seminar

This landmark 3-day course is designed to help clinicians master the concepts of thyroid physiology, assessment, and clinical applications. This course will redefine how practitioners address thyroid health. There is no area in the field of functional wellness that is more outdated than thyroid assessment and management.

1-Day Seminars


The Development and Aging of the Brain™

1-Day Seminar
This unique 1-day seminar is designed to educate the healthcare professional in understanding the proper development and physiology of the brain.

Topics presented will include understanding how to assess and evaluate brain development and function, starting from fetal development. In addition, attendees will understand how other influences can change physiology and eventually lead to abnormal brain aging, otherwise known as neurodegeneration. The ability for the healthcare professional to evaluate and recognize proper development and physiology of the brain is imperative to support healthy brain aging.

A review of human physiology will be followed by laboratory applications, differential diagnoses, and clinical applications. Attendees will also be presented case studies with clinical applications, assessment, and health maintenance (including dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional support) from an evidence-based approach/model, and when to refer for further consultation and/or evaluation. Important clinical jewels and insights will be discussed.


The Gluten, Leaky Gut, Autoimmune Connection™

1-Day Seminar

This in-depth 1-day course will cover various aspects of gluten sensitivity and autoimmunity to broaden your understanding of the most common autoimmune reactions found in the gluten-sensitive population. The symptoms and signs of these reactions will also be discussed.

How autoimmunity affects tissues of the cerebellum, skin, reproductive system, parietal cells, pancreas, etc, will be explored. Furthermore, seminar participants will learn clinical strategies for history taking, examining, and selecting and reading the proper laboratory tests.


Integrative Detox System™

1-Day Seminar
This unique 1-day seminar, developed by Linda Clark, discusses some of the most effective detoxification methods with easy-to-follow strategies to promote the normal excretion of toxins and to remove inflammatory triggers from the diet.

Perimenopause and Andropause-The Neuroendocrine Immunology™

1-Day Seminar

This 1-day course will focus on understanding the proper physiology of hormones in the later decades of life.

Topics presented will include understanding how to assess and recognize triggers of abnormal physiology, which is imperative to maintain proper health. In addition, attendees will understand the basic physiology, fundamental concepts, and mechanisms of perimenopause and andropause.


The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Environmental Triggers™

1-Day Seminar

This in-depth 1-day seminar will review the impact of environmental toxins and pollutants on human health. It will present the growing science of immune-chemical tolerance and examine how this relates to systemic inflammation, autism, autoimmunity, and various degenerative conditions.

2-Hour Seminars


Environmental Toxicity and Neuroendocrine-Immune Wind-Up™

2-Hour Seminar

This informative presentation will review the concept of immune-chemical tolerance, which is an emerging field of research in immunology.


The Inflammatory And Autoimmune Signaling Systems™

2-Hour Seminar

This informative presentation will examine how the messenger system interacts with the neuroendocrine-immune system. The NF-kB vicious cycle, IL-6, IL-17, and TGF-beta will also be discussed in relation to inflammatory response and the development of autoimmunity.


Brain Immune Axis™

2-Hour Seminar

This informative seminar will examine the influence of the brain on the immune system, especially the glial cells. In fact, new findings show that the cerebellar interposed nuclei (IN) actually participate in regulating immune function. In order for crosstalk to occur between the brain and the immune system, communication is necessary among cytokines, peptides, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, and other signaling agents.