Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry

Weekend Seminar

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry

Seminar Author

Dr. Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN

Jensen Beach, FL
This landmark 3-day course is designed to teach a comprehensive, yet simple, system of evaluating functional blood chemistry. This course has evolved from our 2-day course and has new material and numerous updates. This information-packed course provides detailed explanations of metabolic pathways and biomarkers in a structure relevant to the actual flow of a clinical practice. Numerous case evaluations, diagrams, and flow charts have been created to help attendees understand how to master functional blood chemistry.
  • Understanding the use of markers such as electrophoresis, peripheral blood smear, genotype testing, etc
  • A review of the pH bicarbonate buffering system and the role it plays with the anion gap, electrolytes, and metabolism
  • A comprehensive system to evaluate transaminase and liver markers
  • A detailed understanding of acute-phase protein reactants, markers, and mechanisms of influence
  • How to identify intestinal permeability and understand the role it plays in other blood chemistry mechanisms
  • The relationship among the endocrine, hepatic, immune, and other bodily systems when evaluating blood chemistry
  • Clinical jewels and insights
18 CE Units may be available for DCs, NDs, LAcs

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