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2021 Seminars
With the ongoing health and safety challenges we are all facing we are reevaluating our 2021 schedule and working on alternative online delivery platforms. Until further notice, all live seminars are on hold. Check back soon for updates!

This in-depth compilation of educational seminars has been developed by healthcare practitioners to help their dedicated peers acquire the skills necessary to navigate the increasingly complex needs of the patients and clients they serve. The primary goal of all of these seminars is to provide results-oriented, science-guided education.

Apex Energetics™ is pleased to sponsor over 200 of these cutting-edge seminars annually. These include weekend, lunch, and evening seminars in your local area, as well as at industry conferences.

Setting the Standard for Functional Medicine Education
In this practitioner-compiled and comprehensively structured growing seminar series, each course stands alone, representing a piece of the physiological puzzle. Together, these seminars symbiotically comprise a full Functional Medicine curriculum. The courses are meticulously designed to highlight the interconnectedness of physiological dynamics. New scientific information continuously molds and forms our seminar offerings.

New Frontiers of Wellness Through Science-Guided Education
With the almost epidemic levels of chronic, persistent health conditions, there has never been a greater need for trained professionals who can provide holistic support.

For more than 20 years, we have sponsored the efforts of successful practitioners and researchers who develop science-guided Functional Medicine education, so that they may share their knowledge and success with their peers.

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