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Who doesn’t want a thriving, wait-list only practice?

We believe the secrets to attracting patients and growing your practice organically are two-fold:
#1 An Effective Clinical Model

To help healthcare professionals acquire the skills necessary to navigate the increasingly complex needs of the patients they serve, our educational programs are developed and written by Datis Kharrazian PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN—a pioneering researcher, educator, formulator, and clinical expert. He translates theoretical and mechanistic science into what actually works in the clinic, resulting in a very effective clinical model that is carried throughout our entire seminar curriculum.

#2 Superior Clinical Results

Apex Energetics formulas are designed to impart superior clinical results in both the short- and long-terms. It’s not only selecting quality ingredients, cGMP manufacturing, strict quality control, and 3rd party testing, but the formulating process itself that differentiates our formulas. Apex formulas “plug into” the uniform and coherent clinical model set forth by Dr. Kharrazian in our seminars. The intent of that clinical model is to move blood chemistry, which is at the heart of what we do and what drives our formulations. All of these combine to deliver superior clinical results.

When these two factors are integrated into your practice, you will naturally differentiate yourself in your community and generate WORD-OF-MOUTH MOMENTUM!
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Partnering With Apex

Our relationships with practitioners are very important to us. Along with our educational programs, formulas, and related clinical tools, we also provide expert peer-to-peer support through our MD-led Practitioner Advisor team and Functional Medicine practice support through our highly-trained Practice Development Specialists. As your Functional Medicine partner, our goal is to assist you in differentiating yourself in your community.

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