Infographics by Apex Energetics
Practical tools for the clinician.
Provide a visual of underlying biochemistry and physiology
Make complex processes understandable to patients
Help build rapport and trust with your patient population

Inflammation-Immune Signaling Infographic

The expression of chronic conditions is often linked with immune dysregulation through the process of inflammation. This infographic will guide you in educating your patient population about underlying immune system imbalances that exist in many chronic conditions and symptomology.

It takes very complex concepts and makes them easily understood, and the reverse side provides numbered and cited talking points. Topics include intestinal inflammation, immune dysregulation, the role of iNOS, and the NF-kB self-amplifying loop.

Blood Sugar Dynamics Infographic

Educate and empower your patients by explaining key mechanisms underlying blood sugar imbalance. This engaging infographic covers the biochemistry and physiology around glucose homeostasis in a concise and effective way.

Practitioners love it! Patients understand it! Three interconnected strategies are explored: short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), insulin signaling, and the AMPK pathway, all while including key nutrients that support each area.

Stress-Digestion Infographic

Stress is a stealthy enemy. The sympathetic and neuroendocrine responses to perceived stress impart a myriad of effects that impact all systems and organs. Digestive system function, in particular, is quickly affected by a series of functional and neurological changes. When the stress is chronic or prolonged, these changes can evolve into disease processes affecting 

the breakdown of food, microbiota, intestinal barrier function, and even immune reactivity. The Stress-Digestion Infographic takes the reader through these changes, from mouth to intestines, to show just how damaging chronic stress can be. Descriptions of each key point are provided on the reverse side.

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