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Chris Turnpaugh

C. Christopher Turnpaugh


Dr. C. Christopher Turnpaugh became board certified in chiropractic neurology in 1997 and has lectured at medical colleges, to colleagues, and to doctors of all disciplines. He has the ability to take the most complicated cases and break them down to a simplistic level, making it easier for the healthcare professional as well as his clients to understand. He acts as a consultant to a variety of disciplines of healthcare professionals.

He has extensive knowledge in brain genetic disorders and specializes in Fragile X Syndrome. Over the past 10+ years, he has worked with an extensive array of neurobehavioral disorders in children. These children had been diagnosed with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, pervasive developmental disorder, Asperger`s, autism, selective mutism, seizure disorder, and emotional detachment disorder, as well as many others. In 2011, Dr. Turnpaugh opened the Brain Balance Center to further serve the community of children with neurobehavioral disorders.

Dr. Turnpaugh’s application of functional medicine as it relates to the neuroendocrine system is a unique clinical application to nonpharmacological treatments. Dr. Turnpaugh has become a referral source for clients who have “nowhere else to go” and who feel that there is no hope.

He received his bachelor of science degree in economics and pre-med from Bloomsburg University in 1990. He is a 1995 graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Dr. Turnpaugh has served as a contributor for the Body and Mind publication.

In 1999, Dr. Turnpaugh went into solo practice with the intention of specializing in treating the most complex neurological and endocrine disorders. Since then, he has worked with local hospitals and national laboratories implementing testing protocols, which have led to further breakthroughs in the treatment of complicated cases.

His vast knowledge of functional medicine and functional neurology, coupled with over 16 years in practice, has earned him a reputation as being well-respected by his peers and other medical professionals.

Dr. Turnpaugh has trained with a prominent Olympic track and field coach of eight world record holders. He has a true passion for strength and conditioning and speed training of young athletes. His list of clients includes professional football, soccer, and lacrosse players, Olympic-qualifying swimmers, and many college athletes.

Financial Disclosure
Dr. C. Christopher Turnpaugh has the following financial interests. He receives a speaker’s fee and is reimbursed for his travel and related accommodation expenses by the sponsor, Apex Energetics, Inc.

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