2-Hour Seminars


Brain-Immune Axis™

2-Hour Seminar

This informative seminar will examine the influence of the brain on the immune system, especially the glial cells.


Food Allergies & Sensitivities in the New Millennium™

2-Hour Seminar

There has been a more significant increase in both food allergies and food sensitivities in this generation than in any previous generation.

Food Sensitivity: The Hormone Connection™ How Hormones Impact Food Sensitivity Icon
2-Hour Seminar

Food Sensitivity

The Hormone Connection™
How Hormones Impact Food Sensitivity

Hormones can have a dramatic impact on our immunological tolerance to food proteins.


The Inflammatory and Autoimmune Signaling Systems™

2-Hour Seminar 

This informative presentation will examine how the messenger system interacts with the neuroendocrine-immune system.


Neurochemistry of Childhood Brain Developmental Disorders™

2-Hour Seminar

This informative presentation will review the current literature regarding the neurochemistry, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy of childhood disorders.


The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Mucosal Immunity™

2-Hour Seminar 

Within the gastrointestinal tract is a complex immune system that is typically oversimplified and not well understood by many healthcare providers.

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Renewing the Aging Brain™

2-Hour Seminar

This informative seminar will explore how the aging process in the brain is strongly influenced by various physiological mechanisms.


The Role of Nitric Oxide and Glutathione in the Immune System™

While the number of people affected by autoimmune disease increases every year, most cases are not diagnosed and continue to progress. This informative seminar, developed by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, will review the protective and destructive roles of nitric oxide and glutathione (GSH) in autoimmune reactions.